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Faculty: Electrotechnical

Speciality: Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electrical Drives

Theme of master's work:

Neural systems and their use for the control of electric drive

Leader of work: d.t.s., prof. Tolochko .


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About myself

The average mark for four years of study at university makes 4,89. I know freely Russian and Ukrainian languages, and not bad the English language. I study the programming language C#. I have an operational experience with software packages: Matlab, Mathcad, AutoCAD. At the end of April, 2005 I won the first place in second round of Ukrainian Olympiad on electromechanics which was taking place in Kremenchug. In February, 2001 I won first place in competitions on the pulling up, devoted to Day of the Defender of Homeland in. Khartsyzk. I completed my study at Khartsyzk children's musical school 1 on a bayan class. Since recent time I study in detail the vedic literature and I study seriously engage in bhakti-yoga practice of spiritual self-comprehension.

The brief biography:

The childhood

I was born on March, 20, 1984 in the Khartsyzk city.

Father, Sheludko Ivan Alekseevich, was born on 1957, a Russian by nationality. Has finished Enakievo mountain technical school and worked as the mountain master on mine " Communist ". Now he is a pensioner.

Mother, Sheludko Nadeshda Grigorievna, was born on 1958, a Ukrainian by nationality. Has finished Zugres power technical school. Now she works on public corporation " Khartsyzk pipe factory " as machinist of compressor installations.

Brother, Sheludko Alexey Ivanovich, was born on1980. Has finished electrotechnical faculty of Donetsk national technical university. Now he works on Open Society " Silur " as the designer in a design bureau.

In the early childhood I liked very much to take to pieces everything, that is possible, and that is impossible. I was always able to hide well, avoiding fair punishment. I climbed up trees with enthusiasm, not being afraid of height. Possessing good fantasy, I was engaged in "designing" with the use of "tooling".

In 4 years parents have given me to a kindergarten "Rainbow". In this children's establishment, together with other children, I took active part in celebratory actions. As a result of such activity, I got many new abilities.

In 1990 I was moved up into kindergarten "Ryabinushka" where was trained and has finished the first class. I began to study from six years. I learned well mathematics, but spelling and grammar were rather difficultly studied. The first form I has finished with distinction.


On September 1, 1991 I went to the 2nd form of an incomplete general Khartsyzk school 4 were has studied eight years. During all study at school I was the firm honours pupil, especially making progress in mathematics. Small problems were only with Russian and Ukrainian languages. My behaviour almost always was exemplary. I never refused participation in creative activity of our class. I gave not so a lot of time to books reading, but domestic tasks made regularly and qualitatively. I liked lessons of physical culture, especially, when there was an opportunity to play in basketball. I was involved always with this sports game.

Up to the fifth form all lessons were carried out by one teacher. When the separate teacher began to read each subject, it became little bit more difficult to study. In the senior forms, together with other pupils, I attended additional employment for preparation to examinations in 9-th form. I Participated in Olympiads on mathematics. It would be desirable to note my class teacher_Sagaydak L., and other teachers who diligently, with the big patience, explained a school material and gave the necessary vital advices.

In 1999, I finished with distinction, the 9-th form and got the certificate on the ending of an incomplete comprehensive school 4. The same year, having decided to receive full secondary education, I entered a comprehensive school 5 of Khartsyzk city. On a course of training at this school I paid special attention to increase of skill in basketball game, taking part in competitions and having achieved the certain successes in this sports game. Among educational disciplines, with the greatest interest I studied algebra and physics. I was engaged in serious studying of the English language. Being the pupil of the 11-th form, at the end of one academic year has entered the preparatory courses for receipt to Donetsk national technical university. Left with distinction school 5, I got the certificate about secondary education.


In 2001, after passing the school examinations and successfully carried out interview in Donetsk national technical university, I became the student of electrotechnical faculty on a speciality " Electromechanical systems of automation and the electric drive ". I decided to enter the electrotechnical faculty DonNtU according to the brother advice, who at that time studied on a specialty "Electro-power supply of the industrial enterprises and cities ".

It was rather hard to study on the first course. The free time practically did not remain. The home tasks set on a regular basis , auditorium lessons, laboratory works compelled to look frequently in the abstract of lectures. But, nevertheless, process of training at university was very interesting for me . On discipline "Physical education" I choose section "basketball". A middle mark on results of the first session - 4.00.

During training on the first course, I has learned about existence of German Technical Faculty, to enter that was rather perspective. After the termination of the first course, having collected enough marks for receipt on German faculty , has refused to leave specialty EAPU on which has studied already one year . Unsuccessfully having handed over entrance examinations, I has failed to act on military faculty.

Further my average progress on study has risen till 5.00 points and to pass examinations perfectly well did not make problems. On a course of training I took part in various conferences (including on philosophy), has written some scientific articles which have been published.

At the end of April, 2005 I has won first place in the II-nd round of Ukrainian Olympiad on the electromechanics which was taking place in Kremenchug. It would be desirable to thank the senior teacher of faculty EAPU Belkov V. who could prepare me for this Olympiad properly.

I am at present trained in magistracy DonNTU and under the direction of the supervisor of studies - Tolochko O. I write Masters degree work on a theme "Neural systems and their use for control of an electric drive". The choice of such theme is caused by that last years methods of an artificial intellect find the increasing application in the field of electric drives as their use allows to raise considerably productivity and an overall performance of industrial mechanisms.

After presentation of a masters work thesis I plan to get a job on a specialty to apply received for years of training at university theoretical knowledge in practice. Also, I plan to continue to be improved spiritually, being engaged in bhakti-yoga and studying vedic sacred Scriptures.

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